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Buy with friends

Customers will have the option to buy with friends for a discount you set. We use data to make sure referral rates are the highest they can be.

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Tap into your customers' goodwill

Post-purchase gifting increases referral rates by 2x+ when compared to giving a financial incentive (we’ve tested it!)

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Juice conversion rates with smart social upsells

We'll show expiring group orders to on the fence visitors. This lifts referral rates by 300-900%, and adds to your conversion rates too.

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"More successful than any referral app we've tried"

This app has been a great addition to our marketing mix. We had been running a traditional refer a friend program which didn't bring in that many sales for us.

Fire Cider
5/5 Stars on Shopify

"Incredible Team"

We implemented Moonship and saw consistent increase in conversion rate.

The team has been very receptive of our feedback and is constantly trying to improve the product. I suggest you give this app a try to boost your sales!

Dear Ava
5/5 Stars on Shopify

"Moonship works!!"

We tried a number of different discount and referral strategies this year and have turned them all off because Moonship really outperformed all competitors. The team is very responsive to questions and got us set up and running really quickly. It was fun to be invited into the Beta program for new features as Moonship continues to evolve. Its a really simple integration that took zero effort on our end.

5/5 Stars on Shopify

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