46% True Revenue Lift

53% More Orders

Aura Bora

Aura Bora is a Shark Tank success story that sells craft sparkling water made from herbs, fruits and flowers with no artificial sweeteners. They’ve been featured on Forbes and are known for their 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 sodium beverages.

The Ask

They heard about Moonship via a webinar and wanted to drive additional revenue without inflating their social media advertising budget.

Aura Bora installed Moonship’s AI-driven discounts. To help measure true incremental impact, Moonship installed an A/B test with Aura Bora where 50% of their visitors would be eligible to see a Moonship discount when they came to the site, 50% would not.

Results after 60 days

  • Within the A/B test, the Moonship ON group had 53% more orders and generated 46% more revenue than the Moonship OFF group
  • Even with a 20% discount, the AOV decrease was under 1%. People who were taking advantage of a Moonship deal actually increased their cart size to take advantage of it to negate the margin loss of the discount.
  • Aura Bora turned off a competitor that was underperforming due to Moonship's performance.

"Moonship has been instrumental in our top of funnel conversion strategy. Not only does it provide a best-in-class UX/UI for our customers to convert with little to no effort, it drives the results we are looking for as a merchant.

We saw results within the first week of install but after 30 days of use, Moonship Referral traffic continues to be our most qualified traffic across all metrics including time on page, pages per session and most importantly CVR. It now has a permanent home in our stack."

Cameron Faist
Director of E-commerce