74% Increase in Revenue

75% Increase in Orders


Mightly sells organic cotton kids clothing that’s affordable while being ethically made. Their clothes are Fair Trade Certified and Global Organic Textile Certified and they’ve been featured everywhere from Forbes to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine. They came to Moonship wanting to find another way to increase revenue without increasing their social media ad budget.

The Ask

Mightly installed Moonship’s AI-driven discounts. To help measure true incremental impact, Moonship installed an A/B test with Mightly where 50% of their visitors would be eligible to see a discount when they came to the site, 50% would not.

Results after 30 days

  • Within the A/B test, the Moonship ON group had 75% more orders and generated 74% more revenue than the Moonship OFF group
  • Even with a 25% discount, the AOV decrease was under 1%. People who were taking advantage of a Moonship deal actually increased their cart size to take advantage of it to negate the margin loss of the discount.

"Moonship is a great alternative to basic referral programs that already exist. The app takes seconds to install and integration was seamless.

We had immediate success with conversion and began acquiring new customers at a lower cost than any other apps or strategies we've previously tried."

Barrie Brouse