23% Increase in Revenue

24% More Orders


PressOn is a D2C nail brand that utilizes a new nail technology that hails from Korea. They’re a non-damaging at-home manicure solution, and they save consumers up to $1000 in salon costs/year, while maintaining the same UV gel, long lasting salon quality. 

The Ask

They’re women-led and owned while being backed by former execs at Hustlefund VC, Clearco, the CEO of Privy.com, and more! They came to Moonship wanting to increase ROAS (return on ad spend) without inflating their social media advertising budget.

PressOn installed Moonship’s AI-driven discounts. To help measure true incremental impact, Moonship installed an A/B test with PressOn where 50% of their visitors would be eligible to see a Moonship discount when they came to the site, 50% would not.

Results after 60 days

  • Within the A/B test, the Moonship ON group had 24% more orders and generated 23% more revenue than the Moonship OFF group

"Of all the apps I've used, this app gave us the highest # of conversions in the shortest amount of time.

Within <2 weeks of using this app, I'd say about 20% of our total sales have come from Moonship. Just install, and boom – SALES. They also have an amazing support team that replies in minutes. Ya'll have to try this app. It converts. It works. It's magical."

Florence Kwok
CEO, PressOn