How will I know if Moonship is working?
You can track our progress by looking at how much revenue and additional orders we're bringing in. You can do this by filtering for our discount codes in your order analytics, or simply click on Moonship in your Shopify admin under your Sales Channels to view our data dashboard.

We also automatically install an A/B test on every store that signs up. This way, we can empirically attribute the sales lift that we are impacting. The A/B test is automatic and doesn't require any setup whatsoever from the merchant!

If you'd like more in depth A/B test metrics, feel free to reach out and one of the team members would be happy to dive into the data with you.

Is Moonship customizable?
Yes! You can change Moonship to fit your brand including colors, images, etc. You can set the discount amount as well and change which pages/products Moonship applies to, and which ones it does not apply to.

How does Moonship calculate commission?
We calculate our 2% commission on only Moonship orders. You can tell which orders come from Moonship by going to the orders tab in your Shopify admin and filtering by the ones with a MOONSHIP coupon code.

Will Moonship show discounts to people who would have purchased at the full price?
Every time you run a sale, or provide a discount in exchange for an email or SMS marketing sign up, you are likely giving discounts to some people who would have been willing to purchase at the full price.

Our AI system synthesizes data from over 10 million unique customer profiles to determine who to show discounts to. While we can't guarantee that we will never show a discount to someone who may not have needed it - we can guarantee that our system will be smarter than anyone manually trying to adjust sale prices themselves.

In addition, our machine learning model will continually learn and improve over time. That means our accuracy rate (the rate at which we show to only people who needed a discount) will continue to increase the longer the system is installed on your store.