Will Moonship hurt my AOV?

In practice, Moonship rarely causes a significant decrease in AOV, even when providing a discount. In fact, some merchants experience an increase in AOV due to customers wanting to take advantage of the deal. This also highly depends on the amount of discount you offer - if you're unsure about this point in particular, we can walk you through setup over a call and explain the risk/reward of the different discount percentages and how they'll affect your AOV.

While we understand AOV is a very important metric to monitor - Moonship's goal is to drive significant word of mouth and and increase in conversion rates. The results should speak for themselves - you should see a dramatic increase in word of mouth and conversion rates even though a minor decrease in AOV may exist.

If you're unsure, we ask merchants to run Moonship for 1 month and reevaluate as our system becomes more efficient with time.

Can I remove products from being part of the discount?

You can remove a product or collection from the Moonship sales channel if you'd like to exclude it from the discount that we offer to your customers. Instructions on how to do that from the Shopify admin panel are here.

Making too many products ineligible for the Moonship discount will create a poor experience for your customers. After a customer refers a friend, if friends are unable to purchase the products they want to, they may become frustrated with your store. We recommend removing no more than 10% of your products from the Moonship discount.

Can a user send a new group deal if their friend didn’t join within the time limit?

Absolutely! Customers can create as many group deals as they want.

Can I customize the duration of the group deals?

This highly anticipated feature is being worked on and will be delivered soon!

Will Moonship work with stores outside the US?

Currently, Moonship only works on stores that have a store currency in USD. We plan to expand very soon to other currencies, stay tuned!

Why are there orders but no link visits?

With social upsells, we show expiring group deals to other visitors on your site at specific points in time where they're considering whether or not to convert. If you are seeing orders but no link visits, the social upsell orders are likely the ones contributing to this metric.

Can customers combine discount codes with Moonship?

No, customers can only use a single discount code with their order - if they choose to use a different code, Moonship's discount will not be applied.

How does Moonship work with subscriptions?

Moonship currently does not work with subscriptions. If a user adds a subscription item to their cart, our discount will not apply.

Can I remove the Moonship logo?

Absolutely! Reach out via our chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen, or else schedule a demo and we can talk to you about our Enterprise plans which include the removal of Moonship branding.

I still have more questions.

Feel free to chat with us by leaving us a message in the chat bubble on the bottom of the screen!

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