Personalized AI offers for Shopify brands of all sizes

Integrate personalized AI offers seamlessly into your existing customer buying journey and start increasing your sales by 20-80% in minutes

Your brand, our software

Moonship is built to always appear brand native. Customize our look and feel in minutes and your customers won’t know where your brand ends and Moonship begins.

Moonship uses all kinds of factors in our personalization model

Identify, target, and convert more on-the-fence shoppers by offering them the opportunity to join an expiring group order. Boost conversion rates up to 40% with the one-two punch of a discount and social proof at the perfect moment.

Moonship is built on top of tens of millions of profiles across many different merchants

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough data points to train an accurate machine learning model. Moonship works across tens of millions of profiles, utilizing cutting edge machine learning models personalized to your store so you don’t have to hire a data, machine learning, or engineering team.